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Here at North Shore Piano Studio, a mix of different teaching styles and books are used - method books, popular and classical repertoire, exam repertoire, show tunes and duets. Each student receives a personalised, structured and thought out learning program.

First time beginners up to Preliminary Exam level: Piano Adventures Series - Primer Level to Level 2B

Piano Adventures is a wonderful series designed for both adults and children, which have accompanying CD backing tracks to play along to both in lessons and at home.

For children, there are four books for each level: Lesson & Theory, Technique & Performance, Popular Repertoire, Gold Star Performance and a Sight Reading book.

The Technique & Performance and Sight Reading books have matching exercises that are designed to work hand in hand with what is presented in the Lesson & Theory book.

Tween/Teen students may opt for the 'Accelerated Piano Adventures Series' which move through basic concepts of piano study at a faster pace.

For Adult students, there are two comprehensive spiral bound books available, along with a range of new 'Classic', 'Popular' and 'Christmas' Volumes released. Books are graded more broadly as either Level 1 or Level 2.

For further study of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary style repertoire pieces leading up to appropriate Exam Level study, there are the 'Developing Artist Piano Literature' books.

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Theory & Musicianship Books:


For younger children 11 and under, the Poco Series 'Music Theory for Young Children' have a fun sticker book format. 

There are Books 1 to 4, and a Note Names Drill book which complement eachother. 

'Theory Made Easy' feature further elements of rhythm. 

Teens & Adults: 

Blitz Theory Books by Samantha Coates are a complete 'how to' for learning theory hints and tips. They are graded and also come in both a Theory and Musicianship series. 

The 'Master Your Theory' (workbook) and 'Practice Your Theory' (practice tests) series by Dulcie Holland are aimed at students wishing to learn theory skills grade by grade in a very structured format. Available from grades 1-7 and Associate level.

Exam Syllabi: AMEB

North Shore Piano Studio examinations are usually completed through Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB). Other available examination syllabi are ABRSM, Trinity, and ANZCA.

Exam levels: Majority of Exam Syllabi use a grading system of Preliminary (foundation), Grades 1-8 and Diploma Level Exams.

The AMEB offer Pre-Preliminary students a first exam called P-Plate to help ready them for a more formal exam experience for the first official grade, Preliminary. Rather than a grade, students are given a feedback report from the examiner.

Exam Types: Piano Comprehensive, Piano For Leisure, Piano Repertoire, Piano Collaborative Exam

'Piano Comprehensive' exams encompass a more well rounded piano education

with a strong focus on technical work, as well as 3-5 pieces presented for examination.

'Piano For Leisure' is an alternative syllabus on offer for students who may have busy extra

curricular schedules. The pieces in this series are the same standard as the comprehensive

exams, only three pieces and technical work are presented for examination.

'Piano Repertoire' exams are compromised of only repertoire and don't require any technical work or

exercises to be presented as part of the examination.

'Piano Collaborative Exams' are for students from Grade 5 and up to participate in a duet exam with their teacher or accompanist and are graded on their ability to respond and perform with another musician.

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