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Kate Maybury

"I can’t imagine anything else in life that would bring me such reward or satisfaction! I truly believe that anyone who puts in the time and effort to practice can succeed with informed teaching principles."

Growing up with a keen interest in the performing arts and the sound of the piano being played at home, Kate began playing at the age of 6 and was inspired to pursue music at tertiary level where she graduated with a Bachelor of Music (BMus) from UNSW and also holds an Associate Diploma in Pianoforte from Trinity College of London. 

Finishing her classical grade level exams at the age of 13, Kate has been involved in choirs, music and dance performance opportunities throughout school and university, learned art, and studied four different dance forms for over 20 years. 

Kate has been enjoying sharing her passion and love of the piano with students of all ages for the past 11 years and has many students studying with her - some for leisure, examinations, eisteddfods, and even some re-discovering their love of the piano again. Kate's students consistently receive high grades in their exams, compete in eisteddfods and learn to practically apply music theory principles to play a variety of styles and gain greater musical understanding. 

In addition to teaching, Kate is also an active accompanist in Sydney's North Shore and North Western Suburbs and is a fully accredited teacher through the Music Teacher's Association of NSW.

Since 2015 Kate has continued training in the principles of the Taubman Approach and attends regular professional development courses to keep her teaching rejuvenated. Kate believes music is a skill that can be studied for a lifetime, and her teaching philosophy embodies this idea. 

To find out more about training with Kate, please get in touch. 

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